Jay Hernandez (Thomas Magnum) : un beau gosse à suivre sur Instagram

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Héros de la série ‘Magnum PI’, diffusée tous les lundis sur Antenne Réunion, Jay Hernandez est un beau gosse, un vrai. La preuve avec les photos ci-dessous, partagées sur Instagram.

Depuis qu’il est apparu dans ‘Magnum PI’, série diffusée sur Antenne Réunion tous les lundis, Jay Hernandez a affolé la gent féminine. Et pour notre plus grand plaisir, l’acteur qui incarne Thomas Magnum est présent sur Instagram. Séances photos, coulisses de tournage, photos de vacances, selfies… Le beau gosse partage absolument tout sur son compte.

Jay Hernandez affole la toile. La preuve, le comédien de 42 ans cumule les followers et ses plus de 332 000 abonnés ne cessent de commenter ses nombreuses publications. Alors si vous n’êtes pas encore à son compte, nous avons sélectionné pour vous, les meilleurs clichés de l’acteur. De quoi apprécier son regard séduisant et son corps d’apollon.

Day 10, Hawaiian quarantine. I awoke this morning feeling quite serene but the pull of jealousy compelled me to foolishly peak out the window. The scenic beauty of the beachfront, morning joggers, the gentle paddle of octogenarian swimmers criss crossing the bay had me burning with rage...far too early for that. I made myself a black coffee & looked forward to watching eggs slowly congeal into the fluffiest of scrambles, obviously adding white truffle oil for flavor. Later, I tried my hand at tick tok which ultimately left me weeping uncontrollably, I immediately deleted the app. Following that tragedy I questioned my choice of coffee table, suddenly doubting Noguchi was the right fit. I scrolled through endless, overpriced mid-century options, some from as far away as Brazil, before circling back & feeling confident about my initial decision. The only thing I have to look forward to on this bleak day is Champagne which I would ceremoniously consume in a vintage Japanese kimono. 2012 was banner year for this particularly titillating brew which currently rests patiently in the wine cellar. These days move exceedingly slowly. Tomorrow, I think I will try yoga...or perhaps Chardonnay.

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Leave no trace.

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After sending Carlucci, my man servant to shore for yet another case of vintage champagne, tanning oil and Delia’s pomeranian, I recounted a riotously comedic story to a small crowd who had gathered starboard to absorb my obvious brilliance. Speaking far too loudly as the wealthy often do, I concluded my tale in a flourish that delighted onlookers to such an extent that many, if not all began hurling their nude bodies into the water with rapturous glee. I happened a glance at Bernard who was pestering an errant sea turtle. Convinced that if he could get it to don his captains hat, the sea creature selfie would tally endless likes on social media. He was unfortunately right. Pangs of jealousy coursed through me and it was then I knew I would soon take a sea creature selfie which I would obviously post before he. As sun set, the saturated colors gave way to a type of malaise only the rich can taste and the poor can dream of. The only real tragic element of the day was not my poor judgement, nor indulging in the meaningless, it was seeing the horrid form of a wet Pomeranian reveal itself as Carlucci boarded the yacht. #happy #valentines #day

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Another year is nearing end. Another exercise in self indulgence via social media. We go about our lives wanting things we think we want, struggling to attain what we’ve been taught to attain. The journey is what it is but soon enough we find that time has accelerated at an unacceptable pace. No one is afraid of the end, the timing is what’s troubling. The timing is what complicates things. We know this. Most likely when it’s too late. The things gifted to us in youth, our health, our families, the beginning of our journey. That is the true source of wealth. The precious ticks & toks of time. The seconds that go by. We count them but think they don’t count. Until they do. This coming year, make it. Before it’s too late. Meditate on what you have, who you have. Let that be what brings you happiness, peace. These are the things that fill us, that make us whole. Not the things we think we want. #cabincontemplations

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