Mohit Malik (Samrat) : un beau gosse à suivre de près sur Instagram

L’acteur Mohit Malik est parvenu à nous séduire dans la série ‘Les mensonges du cœur’, diffusée sur Antenne Réunion du lundi au vendredi à 17h30. La rédaction d’Antenne Réunion a sélectionné pour vous ses plus beaux clichés à regarder sans modération. Attention les yeux !

En dehors des plateaux de tournage, Mohit Malik dévoile une partie de sa vie privée sur les réseaux sociaux. Sur Instagram, l’acteur et star de la série ‘Les mensonges du cœur’ cumule les followers. Il possède déjà près de 558 000 abonnés.

Moments en amoureux, ses différents shooting, ses voyages… Le beau gosse partage absolument tout sur son compte. L’interprète de Samrat a un beau sourire. Ce n’est pas tout. Il a aussi un corps de rêve. Sous le charme, ses admiratrices ne cessent de commenter ses publications.

I look at you n thank my stars @additemalik #loveyou 📸 -guess

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I have always aspired to be an actor and when I got my first television debut with the TV show MiiIee, I was the happiest person. Being an actor is not as easy as it sounds. People think our work is a piece of cake and looks glamorous from the outside but it takes a lot of sweat and blood to reach where I am today. Coming from a background with no industry connections, I had to build everything on my own. I went for so many auditions and dealt with rejection until I made it to my first roll. I was able to achieve all of this with proper planning in every aspect of life. I planned my career in form of small milestones ; my first theater, my first modelling shoot, my first TV show ; and I prepared for each milestone with all my passion and energy. Not just my career, I have planned my finances too so that it is aligned with the key milestones of my life like a dream vacation around the world or my dream sports car. Additionally, it was very important to secure my family financially because this industry is uncertain. Things can go the opposite way in a blink of an eye. Hence I looked for plans that would not only cater to the key milestones of my life but also secure my family financially. Plans like ICICI Pru Lakshya Wealth fit perfectly into this criteria. With a minimum investment, the plan offers a large amount on maturity to fulfil the key milestones of my life. Now, when people ask me what’s my secret to success, I say, have a plan. Plan well and plan big !!! Know more : #ICICIPrudentialLife #LifeInsurance @iciciprulifeofficial

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Et pour encore plus de plaisir pour les yeux, rendez-vous sur sa page !

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