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Hazen Audel vous donne rendez-vous dans ‘A l’épreuve d’une tribu’ ce samedi 26 janvier à partir de 20h40 sur Antenne Réunion. L’occasion de découvrir le best-of Instagram de l’instructeur de survie.

A l’épreuve d’une tribu’ sera diffusée pour la première fois sur Antenne Réunion ce samedi 26 janvier à partir de 20h40. Aux commandes de cette série documentaire, les téléspectateurs retrouveront le guide de survie Hazen Audel. Le zoologiste ira à la rencontre de plusieurs tribus dans le monde entier. En une semaine, ces tribus locales lui apprendront les techniques de survie qu’ils utilisent pour survivre au fil des ans.

A 45 ans, Hazen Audel est un aventurier qui n’a pas froid aux yeux. En témoignent ses nombreux clichés postés sur Instagram. Avec près de 19000 abonnés, le botaniste impressionne régulièrement sa communauté de fans avec les clichés de ses escapades, ses découvertes et les coulisses de tournage de ses émissions.

My mom said to few that broke my heart. "He is who he is. Hes not gunna change".. I remember my 1st real life snake sighting. I was reaching up to hold Dad’s muscly index finder while he was talking to the old farmer down the gravel road. He taught me to not interrupt but there was a jet black with bright yellow stripe snake slithering next to my feet coming up from the ditch on the side of the road. I couldn’t interupt I tried tugging a bit but Dads calloused fingers & neighborly conversations went on w/out me & my world was then an impeneratable world of a fixation of watching this gardner snake slither through my feet. My next book was a green Audubon Society Field guide to Reptiles & Amphibians of North America. I soon memorized every name of every reptile & Amphibian in North America. And my fascination with snakes & nature never changed. 20 years ago I went to see the exotic tropical snakes in real life and in the wild. At 19 I went to the heart of big snake & snake diversity- jungle. The first day I took a two day bus ride through the Andes to get to the tropical lowlands - the head waters of the Amazon. While gazing out the windows I saw way up the road a snake ! Crossing the road ! I screamed to get the bus driver to emergency pull over. I ran out the door, ran down the road & leaped on a snake that was just about to disappear back into the jungle. I was so excited I lost my mind ! It was a #rainbowboa Constrictor #epicrates cenchria ! So incredibly beautiful I had to show everyone on the bus ! The bus exploded in terror. Everyone stampeded to the back of the bus clawing at the windows. One of the locals threw me a gunny sack he had that was holding a chicken. The rest of the bus ride was about as awkward as the Snakes on a Plane movie... when the bus ride was over at the end of the road I overnighted in a termite destroyed shack. That morning I went for my first walk in the jungle, the mist sifted through the palm and bromeliad leaves, the sound of the insects was piercing & the smell of wet warm decomposing leaves under my toes was my awakening that this was where I was always meant to be. I watched the boa be free again & slither away. Here I am now.

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I love this, again, it was from the very first and piloted episode of "Survive the Tribe" the series prior to what is now "Primal Survivor" (if you havent watched Survive the Tribe- do ! But in this episode -again. It was all REAL ! The film crew didnt know what was going to happen that day, they just followed me and the tribe that I had been living with on and off for the last 20 years and they did as I told them- keep the cameras rolling. That day we set out to go onto the jungle hoping to find wild pigs to hunt. But then the sky closed in and the #rains came Pounding down as they do in the #rainforest of #ecuador. At that time one of the #huaorani saw a bees nest high in tree tree. We immediately went to work. The rains make it so the #bees cant fly as well. The producer was losing his mind in the #chaos. No ability to control the situation. Camera got drenched we destroyed the sound equipment. And there was action everywhere. This is the scene that we got put of it. (The full version is in the episode itself) this is the scene when the executives at #natgeochannel saw this they said "this is one of the most exciting real scenes they have ever scene on nonfiction television ! I told the production company before they came out to Ecuador with me - "the things I see these people do is stuff I have never seen on television. Its incredible but so unpredictable and nuts, I dont know how you would be able to make a televion program out of it." But so fortunately- the great #iconfilms took that as a dare. And they were going to prove something to me and the other television channels. And here we are 30 some episodes later and going strong ! Showing the world about these incredible #tribal and #traditionalliving people throughout the farthest and wildest corners of the world. Setting examples to all of us about what we have lost as amazing people and families and us what we as humans are capable of. #natgeo #waorani #huorani #tribalknowledge #tribalpeople #remotefilming #expedition #naturalliving #naturalhistory #honey #axe #livingofftheearth #nationalgeographic #beastmode

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Are we given bullcrap and poop in our life to make lemonade ? Maybe.. that’s what life is about. Poeple give us challenges. We make the choice to love and live with it. Grow with it or just come to the realization that there are people that are just incurably unhappy, greedy, selfish, or just not really all that great and so we make the move to live our own lives and be models for what we think is right in this world. Because we should attract awesomeness. You can only do that if your busy being awesome. So feast on your eyes on this awesome elephant crap ! It is great for starting a fire and if you think life is rough. I have been in the shiiiiits and found great enjoyment in using these treasures as a pillow. #whenlifegivesyoulemons #savetheelephants #africa #threadcount #marthastewart #relationships #liveawesome #thrive #namibia #primalsurvivore #dontletlamepoeplegetyoudown

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The marvels and wonderment of wierd ass nature stuff that is totally freaking beautiful ! I accidentally caught this Clown triggerfish in the seas off of #Taiwan. #Balistoides conspicillum. I was able to take a quick photo and then let it go. Aside from it’s beautiful paint job, it’s got a swiss army knife full of tricks. Firstly, they are really smart. They can problem solve. I have seen them strategically disassemble coral and rock hiding places of the prey they are after, such as crabs and octopus that have crammed their way deep into crevices and holes. To eat poisonous spiny urchins they jet water through their mouths and "blow" the urchins upside down and then bite through their undersides mid roll, where their spines are not nearly as long. They have powerful jaws with teeth that crush coral & clam shells. They can use their mouths to grab onto large items & carry them around, like pieces of coral, coconut shells, rocks & animal shells (often bigger than themselves). And they can built mini underwater castles to live and hide in. With their undulating rear dorsal & ventral fins they can swim backwards and forwards with ease. The front dorsal and bottom pelvic fins are big heavy duty spines that can fit into their body or flare out like a pointed ninja star- making them a difficult and dangerous thing to try to attemps to eat by a seal or predatory fish. When the spines are retracted the #triggerfish can get through tiny cracks and spaces. If it is being attacked it can cram itself between rocks and coral and use its spines to lock it in making it impossible to pull out, much like a rock climbing cam. Their skin is like feeling something made out of ceramic and sandpaper & its super tough. Plus they can release a full blown defensive attack and bite huge holes into any potential attacker. They often aim right for the eyes ! At night they find shelter in rocky hiding places and lock themselves in for the night and go to sleep. #nature #natureisart #natureismental #natureisawesome #coralreef #reefprotection #ecotravel #saveourseas #naturewriter #ecogeek #untamedscience

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I was experiencing when I am with people that are scared of other people and hate other poeple I get scared and dislike as well. When I am around beautiful people I see that world is filled with them. What does travel do to a person looking for marvel. They see it. And dont want to live any other way. I was feeling fortunate today. And during these holidays I have been reaching out and hearing from people from all over. Getting my bones strengthened by strong people that treat me like I want to treat everyone in the best ways I can. I need constant reminders though. So I call up my friends and look at old photos of friends that remind me of great moments that make me feel like- through all the news and crabby neighbors, obnoxious idiot car honkers, negative Nancies and doomsdayers- that the world is full of beautiful people that want peace and happiness. Just had to say that. .whatever those holidays are. .. . . #travel #nationalgeographic #photosafari #safari #remotefilming #adventure #nobadvibes #holidays #primalsurvivor #adventurelife #adventuretravel #goodupbringing #getridofsh#tpeopleinyourlife #peace

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This has been my home for the last two weeks amongst the friends that I have had to furthur learn more language from and learn to better coexist with. They have always been in my repertoire of company that always attracted my attention always as I grew up. The tamaracks and the birches are of the handful of trees that represent my home in the northern forests in the mountains of Eastern Washington and North Idaho. Here on another hemisphere that shares a similar latitude I was far from home, yet being comforted by these trees. I would wake intimately watching camp smoke sift through its branches in the frosty mornings with the very early sun. And as the sun ripened overhead the smell of the conifer forest was fully released. Then the sun everyday again slowly came to rest and set flecks on the forest duff. Again it smelled like turpentine and vanilla, just like my dad did when he was returning home from work. Bringing the comforting smell of his turpentine, paint thinner, dependent work as a sign painter. This is all home to me. Even when I can be so far from home. I do believe in nature. The more I am living it, the more I know I am in my childhood of spending the rest of my life in it. And being raised by it. I am learning that there are never pulls to be more human. There is refinement in the elegance of this home that we as humans have evolved to constantly being in conversation with. I will be back in my Washington mountains very soon and I can’t wait to tell all my friends about what I earned about their brothers. #nature #bushcraft #language #larch #tamarack #borealforest #taiga #pnw #backpacking #camping #wilderness #forests

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