Chris Wood (Jake) : plongez dans l’intimité de l’acteur

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Chris Wood partage des petites tranches de vie sur Instagram. Vous avez succombé à son charme dans la série ‘Alerte Contagion’ sachez qu’il n’est plus un cœur à prendre.

Chris Wood compte près de 2 725 000 de followers sur Instagram. Il y poste avec plaisir des images de son quotidien, notamment rythmé par ses moments avec sa femme et ses amis. Toujours fou amoureux de Melissa Benoist, l’interprète de Jake Riley dans la série ‘Alerte Contagion’ et l’actrice coulent des jours heureux. En couple depuis janvier 2017, les deux tourtereaux avaient officialisé leur union le 1er septembre 2019 en Californie.

Outre sa vie amoureuse, le comédien de 31 ans ne se prive pas de partager avec ses abonnés sa passion pour la moto, ainsi que pour les animaux en particulier pour les chiens. Découvrez les plus beaux clichés de Chris Wood en attendant de visionner les prochains épisodes du show sur Antenne Réunion ce jeudi soir à partir de 23h45.

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Une publication partagée par Chris Wood (@christophrwood) le

Well look at that : it’s Mental Health Month again ! And what interesting timing for me, personally… let’s talk about it. This year has tested me in so many ways, providing some of the best moments of my life while also finding new ways to kick me when I was down. It was infuritating—I had so much to be grateful for and so many aspects of my life were lining up just as I’d always dreamed… but all the same I felt this weight in my chest that kept pulling me down and not letting me up. But that’s how depression is. It’s not really concerned with what you consider to be convenient or rational, or ideal. And, this year, I really felt like quitting at times, and giving up. And it was only when I allowed myself to be honest about my struggle that I was finally able to begin the healing process. It was, once again, a turning point for me in my life when I was able to start a sentence about my own wellbeing with “I don’t mind…”. Admitting you need help is the only way to find it. I’m still a work in progress, and not every day is a good day. But I’m working on it. Take care of yourself. Be there for your friends and family, and show yourself the same compassion you would show your best friend. And while you’re at it, use this occasional toxic and negative platform for something positive and good. Because you CAN make a difference, and every time you chose to, you DO. I also want to bring in tons of money for @mentalhealthamerica this month so they can keep doing all the amazing work they’re doing, so buy this shirt and every other new item from the May collection at and make all of our hearts happy. These folks make @idontmind possible ! Sending love and kindness to everyone, even the trolliest of trolls out there. Happy Mental Health Month, friends. #IDONTMIND #MentalHealthMonth

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The happiest.

Une publication partagée par Chris Wood (@christophrwood) le

happier place

Une publication partagée par Chris Wood (@christophrwood) le

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